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Welcome to Paper Ghosts

Boy with Baby

We invite you to step through the portal and into our magical world.

Like most of humanity over the past year, we’ve been living in a haze of uncertainty, struggling at times to keep our balance. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, and for some it’s been downright devastating. We at Paper Ghosts have been blessed with food and shelter, purposeful work and the companionship and love of family and friends, but others have not been so fortunate. We grieve for them, and worry about their future and the future of all living beings.

What can we do?

We can design, forge and polish our armor and hone our swords to fight against the dark forces. We can find our own North Star to point towards and always remain true. We can keep our fires burning. We can light and carry our lamps and share the light with others in the ways we are called to do. We can let freedom, art and love be our Trinity.

I leave you with this little photographic beauty as a Solstice offering of light and hope on the longest night of the year. May it warm you with its undeniable joy, its proof of our innate goodness.

Happy Solstice!
Love to all from Paper Ghosts

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