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Snapshot Stories

Writers riff off our found photos

Picnic Under the Loquat Tree - circa 1920's

A Fade of Grass

They told me, “Welcome.” The parties for my birth held annually brought those called friends, some called family, and all referred to as guests at an affair in my name. …But what was my name?...

The Pinnacle

Patricia placed her champagne on the long, luxurious body of the piano. Holding a glass drew attention to her hands and she couldn’t risk exposing the tremor to her party guests. Not tonight. If...

Windmill Appreciation Society, Somewhere in Portugal, circa 1930's

Full Tilt

Álvaro resented being sent to the darkroom. It was the sort of errand you gave an office boy, not a reporter. He went without making a fuss, but knew he was being undermined. He knocked on the...

Boy with Baby


The boy nodded in his sleep, rocking to the machimbombo’s1 jolting. He was pushed right up against the window, the stranger beside him being a large countrywoman with a baby at the breast, who...

Tell Me a Story, Somewhere in Portugal, Circa 1950's

In the Air

‘Are my eyes bleeding?’ Ernesto asked the doctor. Though the haze blurred his vision, he could tell there was something wrong with the doctor: he was too young. His hair was long around his face...

Breezy Girl on a High Balcony

I’m not waiting for anything to happen, I’m not going anywhere. This is not a game of Hide-and-Seek. Suddenly I just broke away from everybody. That marble staircase, I’d never seen anything that...

Fishermen's Kids, Nazaré, Portugal, 1947

Our Silver Miracle

Days of the biggest haul, don’t be shy, don’t wait for the tide to turn, you cannot hide behind the tallest. Our father and grandfather always said this to us...

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