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They’re Here! Our Truly Stellar Vintage Photo Story Contest Winners!

Thy Boat, Thyself, Somewhere in Portugal, circa 1940's

Óla, hi, hello!

Ahh, Spring has finally arrived, wafting in on a warm breeze. Please join me in my little adega. Sit in that old soft chair and I will sit near you on this wooden bench. Let me pour you a glass of port and tell you a story. My box of old photos lured some tale-tellers from places near and far. I have so many to tell you:

A poem about a presence reaching from behind the earthly veil.

A story about a premonition, the sense of something momentous about to take place.

A tale of intrigue, danger and betrayal.

A hidden identity is revealed.  A breeze blows open some doors and closes others. A new life begins with hope and finds unexpected consequences.

All different, these stories, yet somehow linked. By photographic inspiration, and maybe by something else, too. I will let you decide what that “something” is.

Please raise your glass to our

☆ • —– ⭒ Paper Ghosts Vintage Photo Story Contest Winners! ⭒ —– • ☆

First Place: “In the Air” by Rachael McGill
Second Place: “Sixpence” by José Sá
Third Place: “Full Tilt” by Jethro Soutar

-: ✧ : Honorable Mention : ✧ :-

“Breezy Girl on High Balcony” by Marianne Rogoff
“Pinnacle” by Jen Nafziger
“A Fade of Grass” by John Trent


We will share these stories in English and Portuguese over the next weeks in our Snapshot Stories section, beginning today with a fresh gust by Marianne Rogoff.

A note about translations: our translators do their brilliant, painstaking and nuanced work in between other work they do, and sometimes there is a delay, due to various circumstances. Please be patient and check back for translations. They will happen!

Thanks to our talented writers, and to everyone else who submitted.

Happy Reading from Paper Ghosts

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